uOpen survey reveals Geordies and Scousers are top pet box subscribers

To launch its new marketplace for subscription boxes, uOpen.com undertook research by surveying 2,000 consumers nationwide to find out more about their Pet & Animal box subscriptions.

The results?

  • Men are outspending women by a quarter, £63.10 and £47.01 respectively (mean monthly average)
  • Compared with other sectors, 14.25% of Brits are spending £54.12 a month on Pet & Animal subscription boxes – that’s £506 million a year
  • Geordies lead as the most animal-loving region, by volume, with Newcastle spending on average monthly £105.20 on Pet & Animal subscription boxes
  • With Liverpool the top by value, having over 11% of respondents spending a whopping £300 or more per month
  • Millennials (25 – 34-year olds) are the age group that spends the most, £61.61 compared with over 55s spending just £19.85
  • In comparison to just 1% in 2014, nearly 20% of all UK consumers have now signed up to a subscription box

Nearly one fifth of Brits have now signed up to subscription boxes that deliver a host of different goodies direct to our doors, according to new research by uOpen. The survey reveals that 19 per cent – more than 12 million of us – have signed up for subscription boxes in the last six months as the British public increasingly move away from the High Street. Less than 1 per cent of us had a subscription back in 2014, proving it is one of the fastest-growing retail trends in the UK right now.

The research revealed that perhaps surprisingly men are spending a lot more than women on subscription boxes, across all categories such as arts and crafts to food and drink. However, in the Pet & Animal sector, men are outspending women by a quarter, £63.10 and £47.01 respectively on boxes such as Perfect Pawtrait Club. Compared with other sectors, 14.25% of Brits are spending £54.12 a month on Pet & Animal subscription boxes – that’s £506 million a year and, by volume, there are more Geordies in the North East subscribed to Pet & Animal boxes compared with any other UK city, including the two UK capitals Edinburgh and London:

  1. Newcastle £105.20 per month (mean average)
  2. Liverpool £86.22 per month (mean average)
  3. Sheffield £70.83 per month (mean average)
  4. London £62.35 per month (mean average)
  5. Edinburgh £61.36 per month (mean average)
  6. Plymouth £60.71 per month (mean average)
  7. Belfast £53.12 per month (mean average)
  8. Norwich £48.43 per month (mean average)
  9. Birmingham £46.13 per month (mean average)
  10. Nottingham £44.64 per month (mean average)

However it’s Liverpool that has the biggest spenders. When looking at the highest value Pet & Animal subscribers 11% of Liverpudlians are spending £300 a month or more. The rise is being put down to an increased need for more physical things in an increasingly digital world particularly among younger people and this is a figure proven by the survey showing Millennials (25 – 34-year olds) as  the age group that spends the most – £61.61 compared with over 55s spending just £19.85.

More than a quarter (26%) said they buy subscription boxes as a treat, almost two thirds (63%) said it was because they loved receiving a surprise package in the post – and more than half the population (57.8%) say it’s because they hate it when they only receive bills in the post.

Carola York, Managing Director at uOpen said: “We might be living in a digital and technologically advanced era, but we still love the surprise and delight moments that a subscription box gives. In our increasingly busy world, a subscription box allows you to treat yourself or give a great gift to someone else. There’s a box for every taste whether you are a pet lover or a music aficionado, and now you can now shop for all these fantastic boxes in the one place.”

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