When guests arrive, more Britons relocate pets than hide ashtrays and alcohol

A recent study by home interior specialist Hillarys into the attitudes of British people towards house guests has revealed that more Britons (20%) relocate their pets when they have visitors than hide ashtrays (18%) and their alcohol (15%) away, for the duration of the visitors’ stay.

To relocate during a visit, or not

While this may seem an unusual confession to those of us whose pets make part of the family that we couldn’t live without, you may be surprised to learn that visitors actually disrupt your pets’ lives when they arrive so it’s not an altogether unrecommended course of action in our opinion – we were just a bit shocked by the high percentage of people surveyed who said that it was something they do/would do.

What else do guests herald in a home?

However, the survey, which was conducted on 2,482 Britons aged 18 and over, also highlighted that one in three Britons (33%) confessed to having expensive bedding and towels, crockery and candles that they only ever get out when they have guests over. The reason behind this was “in order to give the best impression” (41%) or “appear to have more money” (33%). So it seems having luxury bedding and other items on display or for use is more important that keeping your cats and dogs at home or hiding away your ashtrays and drinks cabinet contents – very weird!

Luxury items on display – only for the duration though

The top five ‘luxury’ items brought out when in-laws, family and close friends come to stay are:

* Expensive bedding – 46%
* Expensive towels – 43%
* Crockery and glasses- 38%
* Luxury candles – 18%
* Blankets – 15%

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys, commented on the study’s findings: “When it comes to entertaining guests, whether they’re just popping over for a cuppa or they’re staying for the weekend, we all want to make people feel at home. In the age of perfect homes on social media, it’s interesting to see just how far people will go to make a great impression.”

Issues with relocating FOUR cats

Although we understand why it might be best for your pets’ peace of mind to relocate them somewhere familiar, like with your parents or friends they have met at their own home, it’s still best in our minds to leave your cats and dogs or whatever where they belong – right by you. We know for a fact that relocating our four felines would cause an immeasurable amount of bother – not just because one of them, Loki, is shy around everyone who is not me or Hubby Jim, and one is a kitten who likes to try her luck at eating wires and climbing curtains (highly not recommended visiting kitty behaviour, our friends who have cat sat her on occasion have told us) – but also in finding trustworthy and capable peeps to take our four babies in for the time we have guests.

Besides, being a guest in our home means coming prepared for cat hairs in everything you eat and drink or waking up to a cute face staring back at you…….

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