What the vet said…….


I had to take my littlest kitty, Loki, to the vet today as he has been listless with no appetite – worrying for cat owners/parents! – for the past 24 hours. Here is what the vet had to say………..

After checking Loki’s weight and feeling his muscles and checking his temperature, the vet asked me if Loki had been caught outside in the rain and I had to admit that yes, as Loki is an outdoors rather than an indoors kitty, he had in fact been outside overnight while it had rained on and off all evening. That apparently was the reason why Loki was feeling unwell – rather than some untreatable disease that my poor worried mind had increased the illness to.

Why was Loki so ill after being out in the rain overnight?

Just like in humans, being caught out in the rain can cause a chill, which then turns into a fever. This is known as Pyrexia in cats. A kitty’s normal body temperature is between 37.5 and 38.8 degrees celsius – humans average at 37 degrees celsius by the way – but during his fever, Loki’s body temperature had gone up to 39.7 degrees celsius – this may seem like a small difference but it was enough to seriously impact on our little man’s ability to function normally.

While humans can tell someone that they feel ill – and then take the day off school/work to lie in bed and recover – we were only aware that Loki was ill because he had stopped eating, which is very unusual for a cat. Ask any cat owner/parent and they will tell you….a cat can always eat usually 🙂 Since he hadn’t eaten for over 24 hours, the vet suggested that to make Loki feel better quicker, it would be best to give him an antibiotic injection to kickstart his recovery and an anti inflammatory (Meloxicam in Loki’s case) to relieve any pain or discomfort he had from being hot and bothered.

After less than only a few hours back at home, after his injections, Loki is starting to get back to normal and we are feeding him Hill’s® Prescription Diet® cat food, which is specially formulated with highly digestible ingredients and extra calories to help during recovery, highly digestible proteins to help promote a healthy immune system, increased levels of potassium to help avoid depletion and is really palatability with a soft consistency to help Loki eat it as easily as possible.

Loki is thankfully getting back to normal now and should soon be eating like a horse again 🙂 Even though Loki’s illness is a fairly normal thing for a cat that has been caught out in the rain overnight, I am still glad that I took him to the vet.  If you are unsure whether to take your pet to the vet, here is a very simple but useful guide on what the 12 most essential questions are to ask when selecting the right vet for your pet:

12 questions to ask when…selecting the right vet for your pet



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