Why do cats knead before lying down?

Our Moggy of the Week this week is a ginger tabby named Alfie Bluebell Dent, who is a total “Dude!” cat.

His mum Helen explained: ” If he wants cuddles and attention, he will come up to you and pat your arm with his paw. He always comes to sit with you if you are down at heel or feeling ill and purrs loudly and massages your back with his padding.”

Why do cats knead?

Aw sounds adorable and we love that cats do that padding thing – on your lap, tummy, back, or wherever they are going to lie down on you to go to sleep – it’s very relaxing. But it also means that your cat is happy and contented. Most cats pad, or knead, a soft spot to make it even softer before they settle down. However it also makes cats feel content as they are re-enacting the kneading they used to do on their mum’s underbelly to generate milk flow when they were kittens. Kneading is also a sign of them marking you as their territory since kitties have scent glands on their paws.

Along with being a soft pudding of a cat, Helen told us that Alfie is also funny as he “often chases his tail”.

We all think that he is totally adorable and we’re not surprised that Helen and the rest of Alfie’s family “all love him to tiny pieces”.

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