This wild cat is 100 years old

This week’s chosen Moggy of the Week is Percy Fleming. Now, although you may think from the name that Percy is a boy cat, she is in fact a girl!

Percy’s mum Ann told us: “…she was originally thought to be a boy, hence the confusing name for a girl!”

Percy is the ripe old age of 21 – which, in human years, is 100! She is part Scottish wild cat and part domestic cat.

Percy lives in Isle of Lismore, Argyll with her mum and is the only survivor of her litter after her mother very sadly passed away just after she was born. Her mum says she is a happy older lady who is thankfully “still happy in herself, enjoying her smoked salmon, prawns and tuna fish”.

At 21 years old Percy is a fine old age for a cat – as most cats tend to live to around 16, so being treated to yummy fish is good for her, as the oil in the fresh fish will do her joints and coat a world of good.

It is important to know that as your cat gets older, just like in us humans, s/he will be less active and will require small amounts of food more often rather than larger meals twice a day. Your older kitty will also need your help staying groomed, so brush him or her regularly to ensure their hair doesn’t get matted, as often age means they are less able to bend into the positions needed to clean themselves as well as they used to be able to.

The oldest cat in the world ever was Creme Puff Perry, who was 38 years old and lived with her dad, Jake, in Austin, Texas. Born on 3 August 1967, Creme Puff was recognised  by the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2004, before passing on in August 2005.

Ann knows that, at 5 years older than the average cat life expectancy age already, Percy won’t be around forever: “She’s failing fast, really starting to show her age now.”

But in the meantime at least Percy has a wonderful, loving home where she can enjoy her remaining years.

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