La Tigra lives in Liverpool, not the Zoo(lander)


The winner of the final free bottle of our October Moggy of the Week sponsor VetPlus’s Coatex Aloe Vera and Oatmeal gentle pet shampoo is tiny La Tigra, from Liverpool.

La Tigra is a two month old Mackerel Tabby, also known as a tiger cat. She is super cute with big amber eyes and tiger striped markings down her back and sides plus her legs and belly. The Mackerel Tabby is named so because it has narrow stripes running at even spacing which looks like a fish’s skeleton.

Named after Derek Zoolander’s famous ‘look’ in the Zoolander movie, La Tigra came to her dad, Thorsten, from a friend’s cat having a little that he needed to rehome. Thorsten said he didn’t intend to take one of the kittens but, in helping his friend to source new places for each of La Tigra’s six brothers and sisters, he came to look forward to seeing her – as she was the friendliest and bravest – so his friend donated her to Thorsten for his birthday last month.

Thorsten said: “I know that La Tigra isn’t the usual cat’s name but she would give me these looks whenever I spoke to her and, with her M markings on her forehead, it kind of seemed like she had high cheekbones and was pulling the same face as Ben Stiller’s character in the Zoolander movie. So, I tried her out with Blue Steel and the Magnum but she only really answered to La Tigra, so the name stuck!”

Thorsten says that, even though she has only been in his life for a few months, he’s already used to her and feels like they’ve been family for far longer.

We are delighted that the gem that is La Tigra – awesome name by the way – has made Thorsten so happy and we look forward to more pics of the cute wee princess as she grows.


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